The Power of Intuitive GUIs on STM32 (Part 2) +++ SILICON LABS goes Arduino +++ 650 V Superjunction MOSFETs

Matter Development for Everyone:


Easy integration into the Arduino platform, powerful BLE support and user-friendly Matter library:

With the EFR32 family, SILICON LABS (SiLabs for short) offers a wide range of wireless derivatives that are particularly suitable for the industrial market. With the latest software support, SiLabs also becomes attractive for the maker scene - and thus builds an important bridge to the next generation of developers!

Integration into the Arduino community

With the introduction of the “SiLabs - GOES Arduino” project and the maintained GitHub repository, the integration of SiLabs hardware into the Arduino platform is possible in just a few steps. This makes it easier for developers to access professional IoT hardware with the well-known and popular Arduino infrastructure.

Matter integration: quick and easy

The collaboration between Arduino and SiLabs, which began in early 2024, has resulted in the release of a user-friendly Arduino library. This is specially tailored to support the Matter protocol. This integration opens up a wide range of new possibilities in the IoT sector for the approximately 40 million Arduino users.

Proven and widely used approach

It's an open secret that almost every developer comes into contact with the maker scene or the Arduino world in the course of their career. This shows how important it is to connect these worlds. SiLabs facilitates this transition. Using the Arduino board with EFM32, developers can experiment directly with a few lines of code instead of having to study extensive data sheets.
For example, a Matter development can go from board to operational device in just a few minutes.


Six Series 2 development boards are currently supported on the SiLabs GitHub page, see Four own boards based on the xG22, xG24 and xG27, an Arduino Matter board based on the MGM240S and also a Sparkfun board based on the MGM240P are supported. Integration into the Arduino IDE is simple and intuitive. Developers can get started immediately with ready-made projects and implement their ideas.

Powerful BLE support

SiLabs is known for its strength in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The “ezBLE” Arduino library provides a powerful yet user-friendly way to send and receive data via BLE. This library is well documented and facilitates the handling of BLE applications.

User-friendly Matter library

The complexity of the Matter protocol is significantly reduced by the user-friendly Arduino library from SiLabs and Arduino. The Matter SDK can be easily integrated via the Arduino IDE using “Tools > Protocol stack”.

xG24 Explorer Kit - Pinout

Order designation:

  • xG24-EK2703A (Explorer Kit)
  • xG24-DK2601B (Development Kit +10 dBm)
  • xG27-DK2602A (Development Kit +8 dBm)
  • BGM220-EK4314A (Explorer Kit)


The EFR32 family from SILICON LABS offers developers numerous advantages in both the industrial environment and the maker scene. The easy integration into the Arduino platform, the powerful BLE support and the user-friendly Matter library make SiLabs an ideal choice for IoT developers who want to realize innovative projects quickly and efficiently.

Further information is available on request.

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