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Higher Efficiency for Power Supplies!
650 V Superjunction MOSFETs Now with High-Speed Diodes

Higher efficiency for power supply units

The new 650 V superjunction MOSFETs TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 from TOSHIBA offer strong advantages for the efficiency of power supplies.

Three important advantages why you should use the new MOSFETs in switching power supplies:

  • Reduction of blocking delay time and charge:
    Especially in applications that run 24/7, such as data centers, high efficiency is required.

    The integration of high-speed diodes (HSD) in these MOSFETs leads to a considerable reduction in the blocking delay time - 65 % compared to the standard types. In addition, the reverse delay charge (Qrr) is reduced by 88 %. These improvements minimize the losses that occur during the switching process.
  • Increase in power efficiency:
    The lower value of “On-Resistance × Gate-Drain Charge” (RDS(ON) * Qgd), which has been improved by approximately 72%, results in lower power dissipation during operation. In a 1.5 kW LLC circuit, for example, an increase in efficiency of 0.4 % was achieved compared to previous models.

    This increase may seem small at first. However, it can lead to considerable energy savings in large-scale applications and over longer operating times.

  • Improved performance in demanding applications:
    The MOSFETs are capable of handling high drain currents (up to 55 A and 29 A respectively). They are housed in a robust TO-247 package that ensures effective heat dissipation.

    This enables their use in demanding applications such as server power supplies and photovoltaic systems that require reliable and long-lasting performance. TOSHIBA also offers a reference design for a 1.6 kW server power supply, which further facilitates the integration of these MOSFETs into specific applications.

Short conclusion:
In summary, these MOSFETs offer improved electrical characteristics that lead to higher overall power supply efficiency. They support users in developing more energy-efficient and powerful systems.

TOSHIBA will soon expand its product range of DTMOS-VI MOSFETs with additional types in TO-220 and TO-220SIS packages for through-hole mounting.

Article VDSS (V) ID (A) RDS(ON) (Ω)
trr (ns)
Case Data sheet
TK042N65Z5 650 55 0,042 160 TO-247 TK042N65Z5
TK095N65Z5 29 0,095 115 TO-247 TK095N65Z5

An overview of the current super-junction MOSFETs with 500 V, 600 V, 650 V and 800 V can be found here:

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