Raspberry Pi 4 Release for Xmore® MicroSD +++ "Board-to-Cable" Connector +++ Robust BOXER ePC in Use on DIN Rail

Raspberry Pi 4 Release for Xmore® MicroSD Cards

Raspberry Pi 4 release for Xmore® microSD cards

As the market leader for single-board computers, more and more Raspberry Pi 4s are being used in industrial applications. The manufacturer relies on strict testing and approval processes for additional hardware such as storage media. This ensures that Raspberry Pi and memory work together reliably under tough industrial conditions.

We have now received this coveted "Approval Certificate" for Xmore® microSD Cards.
Even after more than 11,000 "power interrupts", the RPi 4 with our robust memory cards remain operational and ensure secure data storage.

Xmore® and Raspberry Pi 4 - a perfect match!
Simplify your release processes and download the official certificate here.

Start your Raspberry 4 development now and rely on the microSD cards from Xmore®.

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