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For Heat Pumps and Fan Controllers:

MITSUBISHI 1200 V Mini DIPIPM housing

The 1200 V Mini DIPIPM Ver.7 series from MITSUBISHI is ideal for controlling heat pumps and fans. Users can operate their systems more efficiently, more safely and with less noise. At the same time, installation and maintenance work is simplified.

Use in modern heat pump and fan control systems

The ultra-small and compact intelligent power module is designed in a transfer mold housing. Power chips, drive and protection circuits are already integrated into the module, making it much easier to control AC 400 - 440 V motor inverters.

Main advantages for the user:

1. Improved operating efficiency and reduced noise:
Newly developed chips enable an extension of the current while reducing noise levels and switching loss. This leads to a more efficient and quieter operation of the connected devices.

2. Increased operational safety and stability:
The module is equipped with an insulation voltage of 2500 Vrms, which ensures safe insulation. In addition, the operating junction temperatures are increased to up to 150 °C and the maximum junction temperatures to 175 °C. This ensures improved overload capacity for demanding applications.


3. Easier installation and maintenance:
By integrating the bootstrap diode (BSD) with current limiting resistor for the P-side gate driver supply and by increasing the minimum insulation distance between the terminals, installation processes are simplified and reliability is increased.

Module structure:

MITSUBISHI 1200 V Mini DIPIPM Module structure


MITSUBISHI-1200-V mini DIPIPM Casing

Module variants:

Modules in the 1200 V range with currents from 5 A to 25 A are available.

Type Voltage VCES (V) Current IC (A)
PSS05S73FT 1200 5
PSS10S73FT 10
PSS15S73FT 15
PSS25S73FT 25


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