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Embedded Computing:
Why the OSM Standard is so Important for the Community


Computers for soldering in a standardized format - this is one of the many advantages that users appreciate about the OSM standard for Computer-on-Modules.

OSM stands for "Open Standard Module" in embedded computing; a new solder module standard supported by ADVANTECH and other members of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET).

The OSM standard is now very popular in the community.
We would like to briefly summarize why here:

Open standard
OSM modules follow a standardized design, which facilitates cooperation between different manufacturers and developers. This makes it easier for you to integrate and adapt modules in different products. You benefit from the wealth of experience of a community.

The openness of the standard means that different manufacturers can offer OSM-compatible modules. This leads to a large selection of modules that can be used for a wide variety of applications. If a module is not available from a manufacturer, there is almost certainly a 2nd source provider available.

OSM modules can be reused in different products, which promotes the scalability of designs. A successful module in one product can also be used in others with similar requirements. Or you can offer different performance classes of a product that can easily be produced on the same production line due to the same form factor.

Cost savings
The use of standardized OSM modules can reduce research and development costs, as existing modules can be used. This also leads to a smooth and efficient production process (see also scalability).

Companies like ADVANTECH support the OSM standard to provide these benefits in the embedded computing industry.

Let the GLYN specialists advise you on how best to integrate the OSM standard into your applications.

We will be showing you two highlights from the OSM module portfolio at Embedded World 2024. Visit us in Hall 3A, Stand 3A-319.

There you will find an ultra-compact 30 x 30 mm (size M) module with NXP i.MX8 ULP processor and a large 45 x 45 mm (size L) module with NXP i.MX93 processor and LVDS.

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