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More relaxed thanks to flexibility! Xmore® presents SSD's with extended over-provisioning

Xmore® SSD's: More relaxed thanks to flexibility!

Yes, standardization has a lot of advantages. But sometimes the usual paths just don't seem to fit. This happens more and more often not only in everyday (work) life but also with today's SSD requirements!

How good that there are experts for this who can take these challenges off your hands.
Xmore offers SSDs with advanced over-provisioning!

But, what is over-provisioning anyway?
This is a common procedure to increase the lifetime and / or performance of an SSD storage. A certain portion of the physically installed memory is reserved for the controller and data management. Users or applications cannot access this storage space. What remains in the end are high-performance SSDs with their usual, market-standard capacities.

A practical example of the benefit of over-provisioning: Many of us have become accustomed to the standard, usual capacities on the market for SSDs. These are e.g. 240 / 256 GB, 480 / 512 GB and so on. Because these are so familiar and well-known, they are often used. But what to do when the required performance or longevity simply does not meet the required parameters?

This is exactly where the new Xmore 2.5'' SSDs come into play. Thanks to extended over-provisioning, these new High Endurance SSDs achieve significantly better values. Up to 5 times the service life is possible here, depending on the application!

Here is a small comparison of two 2.5" SATA SSDs:







(3 years)


(5 years)


1152 GB

480 GB

3.000 TB




512 GB

512 GB

700 TB



Intermediate values can also be realized here depending on the project.

We offer our flexible High Endurance series in the capacities 240 GB, 480 GB and 960 GB in 2.5" format as standard.

Are you curious? Then contact us today! We would be happy to provide you with a data sheet or test samples!

PS: You want such adaptations for other form factors, or even other interfaces? Ask our memory experts for a customized solution.

* However, due to the vulnerability of the NAND, the test effort is significantly higher than in pSLC mode, so this option is subject to a higher MOQ.

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