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Up to twofold increase in endurance:
3D TLC e.MMCs at MLC/SLC level

3D-TLC-NAND-Flash from ATP

When you choose a flash memory for harsh industrial environment, reliability, operating temperature range and long lifetime are the main considerations.

For the application sufficient capacity, fast response time at power-on, data security at write-intensive recordings should be available.

An e.MMC is to be integrated quickly into the application. 3D-Triple-Level-Cell technology realizes the necessary high memory capacities. In pseudo-Single-Level-Cell mode (pSLC mode), performance, reliability and endurance can be increased many times over by cutting the TLC capacity in thirds. A simple solution for very small space.

The manufacturer ATP provides all advantages of the technology with its e.MMC series E750Pi/Pc, E650Si/Sc. Long-lasting performance, optimized power consumption and customizable configuration options increase the flexibility for different requirements.

3D TLC NAND Flash with the data integrity of SLC/MLC Flash
The new e.MMC offerings of the E750Pi/Pc series are equipped with 3D TLC NAND flash and can be configured as pseudo-SLC (pSLC). This means the storage solution offers nearly the same endurance as SLC NAND, while the E650Si/Sc series with native TLC offers endurance close to that of MLC flash.

The E750Pi and E650Si series operate in the industrial-grade range of -40 °C to 85 °C. This makes them ideal for use in scenarios with extreme thermal challenges and harsh environments. The E750Pc and E650Sc series support operating temperatures from -25 °C to 85 °C for applications with non-critical thermal requirements.

"Industrial and embedded applications are becoming more diverse. They require more flexible storage media with a wide range of specifications and options. The small footprint of ATP e.MMCs makes them a suitable, cost-effective solution for environments with limited space. As a soldered solution, it is shock and vibration resistant, so it has become a preferred storage medium for extremely rugged applications, " said Chris Lien, head of ATP's Embedded Business Unit.

Powerful functions in a small footprint
The E750Pi/Pc and E650Si/Sc series e.MMCs consume little power in sleep mode and offer tremendous energy savings. The new e.MMCs comply with the JEDEC e.MMC v5.1 standard (JESD84-B51) and support High-Speed 400 (HS400) DDR mode with up to 400 MB/s bandwidth. With native TLC flash, the E650Si/Sc series offers capacities from 32 to 64 GB. While the E750Pi/Pc series is available in pSLC mode with capacities from 10 GB to 21 GB. The pSLC mode divide by three the TLC capacity but improves performance, reliability and endurance.

Data Integrity Features
The following technologies ensure a high level of data integrity:

  • AutoRefresh Technology improves data integrity of read-only areas by monitoring the error bit level and the number of reads on each read.
  • Dynamic Data Refresh Technology reduces the risk of read errors and maintains data integrity in areas that are rarely accessed.
  • SRAM Soft Error Detector and Recovery mechanism maximizes data integrity by monitoring soft errors that cannot be detected or resolved by ECC engines.
  • Low-Density Parity-Check Error Correcting Code (LDPC ECC) provides powerful error correction to significantly improve data transfer reliability.

Customizable configurations
In addition to the standard 11.5mm x 13mm size, you can also request a package size of 9mm x 10mm. This saves you up to 40% space on the board. Depending on the project, a 100-ball BGA package can be requested in addition to the 153-ball BGA package. Other customizable configurations include firmware, tests, laser markers u

Specifications table

Take advantage of our expertise in the design-in process and the benefit of reliable processes and get expert advice. Request technical information or order release samples today. We will be happy to provide you with further information upon request.

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