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Control EDT UI2 Family Concept Displays with GLYN Starter Kit


The UI2 TFT family concept now has a 50-pin interface offspring.
UI stands for "Unified Interface". It is available in the 4 display sizes 3.5", 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0".

Thanks to the standardized pin assignment, you can switch between the display sizes and simply retain your connector and connection concept on the control side. All required components are already installed on the FPC cable. This eliminates the need for a circuit board on the rear and the new family members impress with their very flat design.

So that you can also control the "offspring" properly in your application,
GLYN provides two starter kit solutions.

The starter kit / demo system consists of one of the four displays plus a Ka-Ro control board with Renesas Dual 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex -A55. A touch demo application runs on this starter kit, which you can use to test the touch function.

In our GLYN SUPPORT paper we describe on 17 A4 pages how the demo systems can be used either with the ILITEK touch controller ILI2130 or with the maXTouch controller mXT336 and mXT640. The demo systems are set up with a control board from Ka-Ro.

Start the free download here! (Only available in German)

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