8 TB M.2 Industrial SSD +++ Robust against Rowhammer Attacks +++ Xmore® doubles storage space in a 2.5" SSD

8 TB M.2 Industrial SSD - First-in-Class!
Now double capacity in small form factor M.2 2280

8 TB M.2 Industrie-SSD from EXASCEND

Storage capacity without end - on an 8 TB SSD, for example, you can store around 800 Full HD movies with a length of 2 hours each. And even in the popular M.2 2280 form factor!

This is now also possible for the first time with SSDs in industrial specifications!
With the expansion of its PCIe Gen4 flagship PI4 and PE4 series, EXASCEND doubles the capacity of the compact M.2 2280 form factor from 4 TB to 8 TB storage capacity - with 3D TLC Flash Memory.

Current industry-leading development
The 8 TB configuration in the M.2 form factor fulfills a long-held desire in the automotive industry and edge computing. Especially for data logging or mission-critical and rugged applications, the extreme capacity serves as an ideal memory expansion and convinces with its industrial DNA. At the same time, the M.2 2280 form factor is widely used and very popular, but this comes with the disadvantage of limited space - until now. With a two-fold increase in storage capacity, the PI4 series now makes it possible to handle huge amounts of data with just a single M.2 SSD.

With 2,200 MB/s of constant write performance, not only can large amounts of data be stored, but next-generation data rates can be achieved for demanding data logging applications.

Developed for harsh industrial conditions
EXASCEND's PI4 series is specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements often found in edge applications. Challenges such as small footprint, overheating, extreme temperatures and unstable power supply are overcome with the PI4 series. The SSDs can operate flawlessly at temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 °C. They are certified to withstand mechanical stress and vibration and feature EXASCEND's proprietary Adaptive Thermal Control™ (ATC) firmware technology. For stable peak performance without thermally induced performance degradation.

Outstanding customization services and design expertise
PI4 SSDs feature EXASCEND's exclusive technologies, including firmware and hardware level power loss protection (Dual Power Loss Protection), hardware RAID ECC, Data Retention Plus™ and Neutron Shield™. These are specifically designed to ensure optimal data integrity and security. The SSDs incorporate EXASCEND's proprietary SuperCruise™ technology for ultra-low latency and stable write performance, which translates into high quality of service (QoS). The manufacturer hereby confirms its position as a leading provider of flash storage solutions for industrial, enterprise applications and cinematography.

With the PE4 series, the 8 TB M.2 is also available as an enterprise solution
You do not need an industrial temperature range? Then we recommend the PE4 series optimized for enterprise applications ! The PE4 series from EXASCEND, is available in the form factors M.2 (2280, 2242, 2230), U.2 (2.5") and EDSFF (E1.S) - and of course also available as M.2 2280 up to 8 TB capacity.

The new PE4 M.2 8 TB SSD offers the same extreme performance as its counterparts with only lower capacity. It is designed to offer PCIe Gen4 performance and high storage density for demanding applications.

GLYN as exclusive distributor of EXASCEND in Europe
You want to learn more about "SuperCruise™" or "Adaptive Thermal Control™", for example? We would be happy to support you in the design-in process. Enjoy the benefit of reliable processes when selecting the right SSD and secure expert advice.

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