Unboxing Smart Embedded display starter kit +++ TOLL housing 27 % smaller than D²PAK +++ Photo relay with 5 KV insulation voltage

What is it, what´s in it and what´s in it for you?
Unboxing Smart Embedded display starter kit...

A Smart Embedded display - what exactly is that?

Smart Embedded® modules, produced by EDT, are displays that are equipped with an ARM® Cortex®-M7 and that have several interfaces integrated.

Exciting in electronics distribution: We gain insights into markets and work closely with hardware and software developers. In this way, we can ideally adapt the requirements for our products and services to your wishes.

Especially when it comes to evaluating products, our customers expect to achieve results as quickly as possible, without spending a lot of time and money.

Find out in our "Unboxing" video what all the good ingredients are in our starter kit.

The following 3 criteria were important to us in the development of the starter kit:

  1. Detailed documentation
  2. Access to free software
  3. Reliable hardware

With the GLYN Smart Embedded® starter kit you can immediately begin your development. Your application will be running a modern graphical user interface (GUI) in no time. The free TouchGFX software from STMicroelectronics helps you to do this. Smart Embedded displays run with an STM32 microcontroller.

Read more technical details about the Smart Embedded Display and the Starter Kit here.

The best thing is to order your starter kit now and get started straight away.

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