Statement Russia / Ukraine conflict

Russia's attack on Ukraine is a clear violation of international law. The belligerent action has deeply shocked us, we strongly condemn these actions. They must be stopped as soon as possible. It is a threat to our free democratic way of life, which must be defended even with our own efforts. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and its people, who deserve our support and solidarity.
As a distributor, we are currently unable to assess the impact on the supply chain and procurement processes for electronic components, systems and displays. GLYN itself is not directly affected, we have no employees, offices or warehouses on site.
We will summarize all relevant information from our manufacturers transparently for you here on a daily basis:

AAEON 02.03.2022
ADVANTECH 01.03.2022
ATP 02.03.2022
CANON 16.03.2022
EDT 25.02.2022
EXASCEND 02.03.2022
FUJITSU 08.03.2022
HARVATEK 03.03.2022
MITAC 01.03.2022
PROMATE 15.03.2022
SEACOMP 01.03.2022
SCHURTER 01.03.2022
Seiko Instruments 15.03.2022
SENSIRION 25.02.2022
SILICON LABS 01.03.2022
SUYIN-INELCO 03.03.2022
TIANMA 07.03.2022
YAMAICHI 25.02.2022
Xmore® 09.03.2022

Possible gas rationing due to Russia-Ukraine conflict:

GLYN                                                                 07.07.2022                 
SENSIRION 07.07.2022 
YAMAICHI 20.07.2022

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