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SII SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION is a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. headquartered in Neu-Isenburg. They are manufacturer of Analog Semiconductor IC's.

Name / Legal form: SII Semiconductor Corporation / SII Semiconductor Europe GmbH

Headquarters: Chiba, Japan

History: Seiko was founded in 1937 as a manufacturer of wristwatches. At the end of the 1960s Seiko developed and manufactured the first quartz watch. In order to be as independent as possible from component manufacturers, the company began to develop and manufacture all key components such as crystals, CMOS ICs, LCDs and batteries itself. Later the portfolio was extended to thermal printers, glasses, musical instruments and more. The semiconductor segment was spun off in 2018.

Year of foundation: 1937

Division / Area: Thermoprinters, Quartz Crytsals & Batteries

Line-Up: Thermal Printers, Quartz Crystals 32.768 kHz, Micro Battery, Capacitors

Typical applications: Kiosk applications, measurement technology, POS, parking