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MITSUBISHI is an internationally active semiconductor manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The German branch is located in Ratingen near Düsseldorf.

Name / Legal form: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo (Japan)

History: On 15 January 1921, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was founded with its headquarters in Tokyo. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has its origins in the production of electrical ship aggregates, the shipyard operation of today's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In 1930, Mitsubishi Electric began to produce, install and maintain elevators and escalators as well as to manufacture power generation equipment. Mitsubishi Electric recognised the importance of environmental protection as early as the early 1960s and relied on environmentally conscious production techniques. Over the years, the company grew in size and size, established subsidiaries around the world, and subsequently developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic products and components for industrial applications and many areas of everyday life.

Year of foundation: 1921

Division / Area: Analog & Power

Line-Up: IGBT Modules, SiC Modules, Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs), High Voltage IGBT Modules, High Voltage Diode Modules, MOSFET Modules, Diode Modules, Driver HighVoltage ICs, High Frequency Devices (SiRF, GaAs and GaN), Laser and Photo Diodes, Fiber Optic Devices, Infrared Sensors

Typical applications: Industrial automation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology (HVAC), medical technology, household appliances