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KA-RO is our Computer On Modules supplier.

What are Computer-On-Modules (Com) COMs are complete small computers built on a single board. COM is located between a complete computer and a microcontroller. Unlike a single-board computer, the COM usually lacks the standard connectors for all input/output peripherals that are to be connected directly to the board. The module must normally be mounted on a carrier board (or "baseboard").

Name / Legal form: KA-RO electronics GmbH

Headquarters: Aachen

History: Founded in 1988 as a manufacturing service provider. From 2001 onwards, the development of the product business played a major role. This year Ka-Ro launched its first own computers on modules and laid the foundation for a successful product range.

Year of foundation: 1988

Division / Area: Computer On Modules

Line-Up: CoM (Computer on Module) based on ARM® Core, Made in Germany, pincompatible, compact, long-term available, ideal for driving displays, Starterkits, Base Board Development, Production and Assembly

Typical applications: Industry and medical applications with and without TFT