Additional Lines

SUPPORT - Far beyond our Focus-Franchise-Partners

The ideal antenna for your wireless product.
The perfectly fitting socket for the circuit board.
The touchscreen with customized front display.

We are pleased to pass this long term experience on to you: Complete your application with the products from our Additional-Lines range. They harmonize with our FocusFranchise-Lines and provide you with long-lasting SUPPORT in the development of your applications

2J ANTENNAS, S.R.O.  Antennas, Cables, Connector for wireless and customized Products
BRIDGETEK Display Controller for TFT Display, 8- and 32-bit Microcontroller with Ethernet and CAN
CANON X-ray Tubes, X-ray Image Intensifiers
CSM PC Card Drives (OmniDrive)
DISPLAYTECH Passive, monochrome LCDs; standard and customized
EMBEDDED ANTENNA DESIGN Internal and external Antenna Solutions for Applications from 100 MHz to 6 GHz
ENPLAS Test & Burn-In Socket, Test Contactor Solutions
FCL COMPONENTS Analog resistive Touchpanels
FRACTAL TECHNOLOGIES LoRa-Gateways, Magnetic-, LIDAR-, Ultrasonic-, hPA-, PA-, °C-, MEMS-, %RH-, CO2-, NH3-Sensors
GLYN Evaluation Boards, Starter Kits
HARVATEK PCB Housing LED, PLCC Housing LED, Infrared LED Emitter, Phototransistor
HITACHI Hochvolt IGBTs, Hochvolt SiC Module, Hochvolt ICs, Dioden
INELCO Board to Board Connectors, I/O Connectors, RJ45 Connectors
JPC CONNECTIVITY Flex Flatcable, Connectors
LM TECHNOLOGIES Modul and Dongle Solutions for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
MEMXPRO Inc. Industrial Flash SATA and PCIe Products, industrial DRAM Modules
QT BRIGHTEK SMD LED, High Power LED, Through-Hole Lamp, Super Flux LED, Display Dot Matrix
RADIOCRAFTS RF Solutions for the ISM Bands for RC232, TinyMesh, M-BUS, KNX, ZigBee and 6LoWPAN
S4SENSORS Current Sensor ICs, 3D Hall Sensors
SANKEN Power Management ICs, Motor-Control ICs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, SiC Schottky Diodes
SCHURTER ELECTRONICS HMI Systems, Glass Processing, Optical-Bonding, Housing Assembly
SEGGER In-Circuit Programmer, Debug Probes, RTOS & Embedded Software, Crypto & Security SW
SOLOMON GOLDENTEK Active Displays (TFTs), passive Displays (STN,FSTN,CSTN), customized Solutions
SUYIN Battery Connectors, Board to Board Connectors, I/O Connectors, D-Sub Connectors
TAMURA Current Sensors, IGBT and SiC Driver Modules, DC/DC Converter Modules
TAOGLAS Antennas, Cables, Connector for wireless and customized Products