Manufacturer profile


ACLAVIS is a proprietary brand of GLYN for displays & system solutions. Under ACLAVIS we offer customer-oriented solutions, which we develop independently and manufacturer-independently. Clever ideas packed into components, suitable for industrial use and available in small and large quantities.

Name / Legal form: ACLAVIS a trademark of GLYN GmbH & Co. KG

Headquarters: Idstein, Germany

History: In 2015, we started to develop and manufacture standard solutions with display, touch and cover glass as Aclavis. The aim was to offer customers a technically well thought-out and industrially viable solution, which is also available in small quantities. A short time later, this concept was transferred to CoM modules.

Year of foundation: The Aclavis brand was registered in 2015.

Division / Area: Touch-displays, passive LCDs, baseboards for CoM modules

Line-Up: Touch-displays with cover glass, optical bonding and printing - passive LCDs in COG Technology - universal standard baseboards for KaRo CoM modules with TTL or LVDS interface.

Typical applications: Any type of HMI (human-machine interface) in industrial environments