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ABLIC INC. formerly Seiko Instruments Inc. based in Neu-Isenburg. Changed name in January 2018. They are manufacturer for analog semiconductor IC's.

Name / Legal form: ABLIC Inc. / ABLIC Europe GmbH

Headquarters: Chiba, Japan

History: ABLIC, formerly Seiko(SII), supports innovative developments with a continuously growing range of high-quality, power and space-saving analog semiconductors. ABLIC developed from today's Seiko Group out of a watch shop founded by Kintaro Hattori in Tokyo/Japan in 1881. Already in 1968 the development of own CMOS ICs began. On 05.01.2018 the company was renamed to ABLIC.

Year of foundation: January 2016

Division / Area: Analog Semiconductor Products

Line-Up: V-Regulators, V-Detectors, Watchdog Timer, SW Regulators, Power Sequencer, Boost Charge Pump ICs, Composite ICs, LIB Protection ICs, Real-Time Clock ICs, Wake-up Timer ICs, Interval Timer ICs, Counter ICs, Power Sequencer, Wireless Power ICs, Temp. Sensor ICs, Hall Effect ICs, Faint Signal Detection ICs, UV Sensor, EEPROM, OPAMP, Comparators, Automotive ICs

Typical applications: Batteries for various applications (electric bike, power tools, gardening tools, kitchen appliances...), battery-powered and handheld applications, automotive applications, industrial and medical applications