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AAEON Technology Inc. Founded in 1992 in Taipei (Taiwan) - is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial computers and embedded PCs.

Name / Legal form: AAEON Technology Inc.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

History: AAEON Technology was founded in 1992 and is today one of the leading developers and manufacturers of modern industrial and embedded computing platforms. AAEON became a member of the ASUS Group in 2011 with a continuous quest for innovation and excellence.

Year of foundation: 1992

Division / Area: Embedded Computing

Line-Up: Industrial PC Boards (3.5", EPIC, Mini ITX, PICO ITX, Nano COM, Q7, Smarc), Industrial Panel PC from 17.8 cm (7") to 55.9 cm (22"), analog resistive Touch, projective capacitive Touch, High Quality fanless Boxer Systems with RAM, SSD, CFast™, OS, Industrial Tablet PCs

Typical applications: Machine Vision, Digital Signage, Factory Automation, Home Automation, Vending, Retail, POS, HMI, Transportation