KINGSTON is the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products.

Name / Legal form: Kingston Technology Company, Inc.

Headquarters: Fountain Valley, Ca. 92708 USA with manufacturing in Taiwan, China, USA

History: Kingston Technology was founded in response to a severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips in the high-tech market of the 1980s. Founders John Tu and David Sun were determined to solve this problem and combined their unique engineering expertise to design a new single-in-line memory module (SIMM) that worked with older, readily available through-hole components. This successful merger produced a new technology, a new industry standard, and led to the formation of the new company on October 17, 1987.

Year founded: 1987

Division / Sector: Storage media manufacturer.

Line-Up: SD™ / SDHC™ / SDXC™ Cards, microSD™ / microSDHC™ / microSDXC™ Cards, USB Flash Drives, Solid-State Drives (SSD): 2.5" SATA, 2.5" U.2 PCIe® / NVMe™, M.2 SATA / PCIe® / NVMe™, mSATA, Memory Modules: DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, ECC modules optional.

Areas of use / typical applications: Industrial PC/Embedded, Gaming, Networking/Telecom, Enterprise mobility, Automation, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunication, Measurement, POS application, Handheld devices, Controllers, Logistics solutions.