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This question and a few more will be answered here. In case you would like to discuss a potential use case or a project, feel free to contact us (tel. +49 6126 590-453 or display@glyn.de).

Of course, we are supporting our customers with smaller quantities for pre-production and prototyping. For any subsequent order a minimum quantity of 250 pieces is required (applies to standard products). Why? Every project requires individual assistance and a customer that decides to use Smart Embedded® displays deserves first-class technical support; GLYN is prepared to offer exactly that.

Both. Our standard Smart Embedded® products have a CE marking and they were designed to be used in industrial applications. At the same time, Smart Embedded® displays are an ideal platform for proof-of-concept. You can easily start your product development by using one of our standard Smart Embedded® displays. Later in the process, we can discuss optimising the product according to your specific requirements (see topic: customisation).

Simply put, there are two major use cases: Scenario #1: Remote HMI unit In this scenario, the display unit communicates with your main controller or PC via one of the interfaces provided on the display (e.g CAN, USB, RS485). The entire graphical user interface, or GUI, and its response to touch inputs are processed directly on the display. This way you can avoid the transmission of high data rates via long cables—thus, improving EMI. In combination with PoE, you can even operate this HMI independent of a local power supply. Scenario #2: Central control unit If the Cortex®-M7 provides sufficient computing power for your purposes, Smart Embedded® displays can manage every task of your entire application. Smart Embedded® uses hardware acceleration, FreeRTOS and TouchGFX. Graphics-rendering is highly optimised utilising the controller’s processing power most efficiently.

500 to 3000 pieces annually is the required minimum quantity for modifying a display. The exact quantity depends on the choice of components and the complexity of customisation.

Here are some examples: Controller Additional PCB components Memory size Interfaces Connectors PCB Cover glass (including printing and surface treatment) Double-sided adhesive on glass for easy Assembly

This product family is designed and manufactured by Emerging Display Technologies (EDT) and supported by GLYN as well as STMicroelectronics. EDT is one of the most successful display and touch manufacturers in the European market, based in Taiwan. It produces displays for industrial solutions since 1994. Smart Embedded® displays are being developed by EDT in Denmark and Taiwan. Production and testing takes place in EDT’s own facilities. GLYN is EDT’s biggest distributor in Europe with more than 40 years of experience. Together we develop customised displays. Additionally, we produce starter kits, supply peripherals (sensors, cable etc.), assist customers with hardware and software related questions. During your development phase, we accompany you every step of the way. STMicroelectronics manufactures STM32 microcontrollers which are used on Smart Embedded® displays. The TouchGFX framework as well as the graphic editor TouchGFX Designer, which contains board-support-packages for Smart Embedded® displays, is also developed and maintained by STMicroelectronics.

Since Smart Embedded® displays are powered by a microcontroller (STM32), you can develop your own software. By default, all displays are shipped with the real-time operating system FreeRTOS. In addition, we recommend using the TouchGFX framework.

TouchGFX is a graphic framework for STM32 microcontrollers. In combination with the PC software TouchGFX Designer you can create the entire graphical user interface for your display on a computer—a simple drag-and-drop approach. The generated project can be flashed to a Smart Embedded® display. Find out more.

TouchGFX is free-of-charge. No licensing is needed.

Yes. The graphic editor TouchGFX Designer generates C++ code which can be easily accessed and expanded.

No. Developers can write their own code without using TouchGFX. TouchGFX is a graphic framework and a PC design-software that is made available by STMicroelectronics free-of-charge. It supports Smart Embedded® displays and makes developing code for menus, graphical elements and touchscreen interaction much easier.

You can use any IDE that supports STM32 microcontrollers. By means of the board-support-packages projects can be created for CubeIDE, IAR, Keil, GCC and MS Visual Studio.


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