Product Highlights:

GLYN ACLAVIS 5“, 7“ and 10,1“ LCD

GLYN ACLAVIS 5“, 7“ and 10,1“ LCD

legant, yet practical: A cover glass makes your product shine and adds robustness, making it suitable for industrial use. We would be happy to support with your next design. Our years of experience cover many areas:

  • Thermal and chemical strengthening (increased strength)
  • Colours and logos (organic/ceramic print)
  • “Hidden” components such as LEDs and capacitive buttons
  • Smoothed and polished edges
  • Holes and radiuses
  • Surface treatments

(Art.Nr. GETM0700G0EDH6GLYN01)

We have equipped our most popular products with a 2mm cover glass. Due to chemical strengthening it has up to 5 times higher bending and breaking resistance. Additional features are:

  • PCAP (Multi-Touch)
  • Optical-Bonding
  • Anti-Glare surface (for easy cleaning and a smooth feel)
  • Better readability because of reduced reflections

We have used an optical-bonding process to attach this unit to a cover glass. For your application this means:

  • Increased stability (full-surface bonding)
  • Protection against dirt particles and moisture
  • Reduced reflection
  • Better performance of the capacitive touch-panel (no air gap)
Image: Cover glass with smoothed K-shaped edge and corner radius
Size Resolution Interface Part Number
5,0“ 800 x 480 TTL(RGB) G-ETML0500G9NDRAK0GLYN01
7,0“ 800 x 480 TTL(RGB) GETM0700G0EDH6GLYN01
7,0“ 1024 x 600 LVDS GETML0700GMDRAK0GLYN01
10,1“ 1280 x 800 LVDS GETML1010G2DRAK0GLYN01


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