What makes ePaper so special?

Like paper, but electronic!

Like paper, but electronic!

ePaper behaves like ordinary paper in many respects and has very similar properties:

  • It is very thin (approx. 1mm) and almost as light as paper. Ideal when space is at a premium or when you want your device to weigh as little as possible.
  • Because ePaper is purely reflective, it is always perfectly readable even in the brightest sunlight, without a backlight and from any viewing angle.
  • ePaper is particularly easy on the eyes because it does not flicker or flicker.
  • Since energy is only needed to write on the display, they save power or the battery lasts much longer.
  • And where no current flows, there are no fields. ePaper therefore have perfect EMC properties.
ePaper Paper
ePaper Battery Lifetime


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