Useful and interesting facts about ePaper

Useful and interesting facts about ePaper

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Originally, ePaper came onto the market as pure black and white displays. Shortly thereafter, there was the option of displaying grayscale. Today, three-color displays are more or less standard (black/white/red or black/white/yellow), and Holitech will soon be launching four-color displays (black/white/red/yellow).

Full-color displays are already available in initial samples, but they are still very expensive. It is also not yet clear which technology is best for this: color balls with several different colors or B/W displays with a color filter in front. Both are currently under development.

ePaper behaves like normal paper and does not emit light itself. Therefore, they cannot be read in the dark. As with paper, you need ambient light. Holitech offers the possibility to customize ePaper with a frontlight.

In principle, yes. However, it must be ensured that the specified temperature range is adhered to. At temperatures below 0°C, the "ink" becomes very tough and the display very sluggish. A refresh is then virtually no longer possible

B/W displays can do a full refresh in about 2 seconds, multicolor displays take about 5-10 seconds.

Yes, at least for B/W displays you can rewrite parts of the display without a full refresh, this is called partial refresh.

In principle forever. However, after several years, the display may lose some contrast. This can happen especially if the display is exposed to UV light for a long time.

So far, such an effect has not been observed.

E-Ink is the manufacturer of the film that contains the ink particles. E-Ink holds the patents for this film and is a supplier to module manufacturers worldwide. HINK is the abbreviation for "Holitech Ink", this term can be found in Holitech's ePaper e.g. in file names of the specifications or also as imprint on the displays themselves. Seekink is Holitech's new brand name for ePaper. Seekink is also a now independent division of the Holitech Group, which deals exclusively with the development, production and marketing of ePaper. In the future, this term will be used increasingly in external communications.

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