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SUPPORT!Y video explains:
Why PCIe SSDs are becoming standard in many new developments

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We are producing more and more data that needs to be processed and stored.

Particularly in the industrial environment, large and especially sensitive data volumes are often at the forefront of this. As your partner for industrial storage media, we particularly recommend the PCIe® SSD standard.

Current changes on the market
We can't see the future...but if we take a closer look at the current changes on the market, we can already foresee a development for the future: The PCIexpress® interface is becoming more and more the standard in many new developments for the industry and it is impossible to imagine life without it!

The latest generations of the most common interface for expansion cards are once again challenging PCIe® SSDs to meet the highest demands. With rapid progress, things are constantly going faster, higher, further.

That's why you need a partner who can keep up with the pace!

Watch the 2 minute SUPPORT!Y video "The Future of Memory".

A brief look back: In 2003, the then newly introduced PCIe® interface brought the world of storage to the next level as a new high-bandwidth interface and overtook the widely used SATA interface with its performance. By 2020, it was even considered the best-selling SSD interface.

The most important things you need to know when choosing PCIe® SSDs.

From small to large, it's all here!
Every application handles data volumes of varying sizes - some stow small amounts of data, others large. That makes it all the more important to have a storage solution that serves both volumes and all the space in between. And with a PCIe® SSD, you get a wide range of capacities, from 120 GB to 32 TB. So you can be sure: With a PCIe® SSD, you get all your data safely tucked away!

High performance in any format
Every application is individual - and yet there is a solution that always fits! PCIe® SSDs are available in many different form factors and sizes. Whether a compact CFexpress® card, a slim M.2 or the common 2.5'' SSD. With PCIe® you will always find the right solution for your application.

Full throttle into the future!
A storage solution that can capture all your data effortlessly and at lightning speed - sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But it is reality! PCIe® SSDs operate at peak read and write speeds, keeping performance at constant peak levels even in the most challenging environments.

Stay cool!
PCIe® SSDs are very cool in high ambient temperatures. With the help of special temperature management, such as customized software solutions or heat sinks, PCIe® SSDs always keep everything under control.

Still within reach in the future!
When it comes to storing your data, there are of course two other important things you can't miss: long-term availability & longevity. Not only is your data safely stored for the long term, you can also serve your projects for the long term with this SSD solution. If we are honest, nobody likes unnecessary re-designs! Roadmaps with long-term availability of up to 5 years sound much more appealing. And your data is also backed up reliably and for a long time thanks to the high write-erase cycles of these high-performers. So you can sit back, relax and let your PCIe® SSD do the job.

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Plan the leap into the secure storage future!
With the five manufacturers ATP, EXASCEND, KINGSTON, KIOXIA, and Xmore® we offer solid state drives from entry level to leading edge technology. Our PCIe® solutions are versatile: from simple PC boot drives to automotive data logging. Whether extreme temperature ranges, demanding enterprise requirements or price-sensitive applications - benefit from our expertise in the design-in process. Enjoy the benefit of reliable processes when selecting the right SSD and secure expert advice.

We at GLYN offer you a comprehensive portfolio of PCIe® storage solutions - exactly suitable for your application!

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