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Small, fast and affordable:
i.mx93 solutions from Ka-Ro

i.mx93 solution from Ka-Ro

Plugging or soldering:

Ka-Ro presents two modules with the new i.MX93 processor from NXP™. These are a pluggable module from the TX-SODIMM series and a very compact solder module (27 x 27 mm²) from the QS solder module series.

The i.MX9352 application processor used from NXP™ has two 1.5 GHz ARM ® Cortex® A55 cores and a real-time Cortex M33 microcontroller subsystem with full access to the peripherals. Machine learning is also supported by the ARM Ethos-U65 microNPU (Neural Processing Unit) with 256 MACs/cycle.

The modules are suitable for a wide range of applications, including compact, battery-powered IoT devices.

Integrated graphics engine and LVDS interface

A LVDS interface is available on the TX- and the solder QS-module for connecting a display. The compact solder module has an LVDS interface. The graphic display is supported by a 2D GPU.

Additional Cortex-M33 core for real-time applications
The Cortex-M33 core in the i.MX93 can take over classic microcontroller tasks such as real-time processing. This means that you can do without an external microcontroller and thus reduce the overall cost of your system.

Plenty of peripherals - Twice Ethernet
The modules have a very large number of peripheral interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI. Of course there are two CAN FD interfaces, as well as 2 x USB 2.0. A highlight of the peripherals are certainly the two available Ethernet interfaces.

System Security
Security comes from NXP's EdgeLock 'Secure Enclave', a pre-configured autonomous security subsystem that is integrated as standard on all i.MX 9 processors. For this, NXP has partnered with Microsoft to offer chip-to-cloud security with more than ten years of continuous updates and security enhancements.

Scalable with predictable long-term availability
Exceptional scalability, comprehensive long-term availability and a wide range of peripheral options have helped TX Series products gain widespread acceptance in a wide variety of market segments. The i.MX93 based modules are designed for an availability of at least 12 years.

Flexibly interchangeable
Ka-Ro's pin- and function-compatible modules give you tremendous flexibility.

Simply exchange them - works upwards as well as downwards compatible. Samples as well as the matching starter kits will become available in the course of the year.

The technical features of DIMM and solder module in a quick overview:

  TX93 – TX93-5210 QS93 – QS93-5210
Prozessor NXP™ i.MX93 Prozessor 1.2 GHz Dual Cortex®-A55
Co-Prozessor 250 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M33 Core
NPU ARM Ethos U-65 microNPU
GPU 2D GPU: blending/composition, resize, color space conversion
Temperature -25 °C bis 85 °C -40 °C bis 85 °C

68 x 26 x 4 mm

27 x 27 x 2.7 mm

LVDS display interface X X
Power Supply 3,3 V bis 5 V 3,3 V
MIPI-DSI display interface X -
10/100Mbps Ethernet 1 -
GB Ethernet RGMII 1 2
USB 2.0 2 2
UART 8 5
I²C 7 7
SPI 8 4
CAN FD 2 2
MIPI-CSI camera interface 1 1
SD – Secure Digital Interface 1 1
Serial Audio Port 2 1
ADC Analog Digital Converter 4 ch 12bit -
Security EdgeLock® Secure Enclave, Secure Boot, Crypto Tamper Detection, Secure Clock, Secure Boot

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