SSDs with advanced over-provisioning +++ SSDs for automotive, ADAS and data logging +++ Smart storage solution

For the Automotive Industry of the Future:
SSDs for Automotive, ADAS and Data Logging

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS for short) are an essential part of the future of the automotive industry. Here, high-performance storage systems have to log enormous amounts of data around the clock. To do this, you need powerful and reliable memory and storage systems.
Also keep in mind: high-performance ADAS hardware means high power consumption, lots of energy and heat.

What factors should you consider when choosing the right storage medium?
We give you important tips on this here.


More relaxed thanks to flexibility! Xmore® presents SSD's with extended over-provisioning

Standardization has very many advantages. But sometimes the usual paths just don't seem to fit. This happens more and more often not only in everyday (work) life but also with today's SSD requirements!

How good that there are experts for this who can take these challenges off your hands.
Xmore offers SSDs with advanced over-provisioning!

But, what is over-provisioning anyway?
This is a common procedure to increase the lifetime and / or performance of an SSD storage. A certain portion of the physically installed memory is reserved for the controller and data management. Users or applications cannot access this storage space. What remains in the end are high-performance SSDs with their usual, market-standard capacities.


Industrial Memory Cards:
The smart memory solution for industrial applications

From the smart factory to the intelligent logistics solution -.
In small form factors, Industrial Memory Cards perform as hardworking helpers.

These small, low-power removable memories are ideal for surveillance, robotics, POS transactions and handheld computing, or for expanding storage capacity.

IP57 and IP67 certified
The small yet rugged form factor is IP57/IP67 certified and supports industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.


DDR5 modules from KINGSTON:
These RAMs stay cool and fast even in the heat

The latest generation of RAM is already in use with DDR5.
So what is the big difference between DDR4 and DDR5?

Because while the two RAM variants look similar, there are some important new features.

The starting point for upgrading to DDR5 is primarily the desire for higher performance, lower power consumption and more robust data integrity. Here, DDR5 is the upgrade for the next decade of computing.


Long-term availability is the key! Secure DDR3/DDR3L SDRAM "legacy designs" now

Updates to DDR3...isn't that old hat already?

Certainly not! Honestly, it's even "forward-looking":
Surely you have often asked yourself the question: "How do I minimize the risk for my company in order not to be at the mercy of the ever shorter life cycles and delivery problems on the memory market?"

Whatever technology is chosen - As a rule, any technology today, no matter how modern, will not meet the life cycles demanded by industrial customers.



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