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Secure connection between manufacturer and customer:
And the Award goes to...

The storage specialist EXASCEND Inc. gives GLYN the award of "Fastest Growing Partner 2022"!
F.l.t.r: Sherry Wei (Global Sales VP Exascend), Sebastian Stricker (Team Manager), Andreas Bock (Business Unit Manager), Benjamin Fasel (Product Manager), Frank Chen (Chief Executive Officer Exascend)

How good that there are distributors.

From them you can get competent information about innovative electronic components. Commercial inquiries are answered immediately. Ordered goods arrive efficiently and on time thanks to intelligent processes.

SUPPORT-enthusiastic people work at GLYN. Our manufacturers appreciate that, our customers appreciate that. And sometimes this is especially rewarded by an award.

And you have also made a major contribution to this one.

The storage specialist EXASCEND Inc. gives GLYN the award of "Fastest Growing Partner 2022"!

Only in our delivery program since September 2021, we were able to successfully establish the manufacturer's products in the European market together with you as a customer in 2022. And all this within only one year!

A big thank you to you for your trust in EXASCEND products!

EXASCEND Inc. is a leading supplier in the industrial, enterprise and cinematography storage markets. The partnership with GLYN ensures pan-European availability of EXASCEND's storage products in M.2, U.2, 2.5", E1.S, mSATA, CFast, CFexpress and SD card form factors. EXASCEND's product range features exclusive hardware and firmware technologies and is available with extensive customization services from the manufacturer.

The result is a unique offering perfectly tailored to European customers in key markets such as automotive, industrial automation, edge applications, enterprise computing and professional cinematography.

In these areas, GLYN customers benefit from EXASCEND's great innovative solutions, excellent service and SUPPORT, and flexibility to customize storage solutions to meet customers' needs and requirements.

With over 40 years of expertise in the electronic market, we are creating a whole new level in the world of industrial storage.

We look forward to a continued successful collaboration with EXASCEND and to continue to bring you innovative solutions in your applications!



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