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HMI front design:
How to integrate a display into your application


Your task:
To integrate a display into a housing.
It should be robust and look modern at the same time.
That's where GLYN comes in.

With decades of experience, we can support you in your next project.
In this article, you will learn about the issues that need to be considered in HMI design.

Step by step, we will go through the important topics of an HMI front design with you. Read this article to find out what is involved.

Display selection

The matching touch display

How bright should the display be for the location?
Which resolution is best suited to the computing power of the control system?
What maximum cable length is possible and how many connections are required?

Together we will find the ideal display for your application. Not only the color depth and resolution are important, but also good EMC behavior. The type of touch sensor and its signal-to-noise ratio are important criteria when it comes to interference-free operation. This also includes operation with gloves and behavior in high humidity.

The modules are equipped with a STM32 and come with various interfaces and a graphics framework.

Here you will find a display series popular with our customers.

Displays with Optical-Bonding

Displays with optical bonding -
Robust and easy to read

What is optical bonding?
What are its advantages?
In which applications should it be used?

Optical bonding - the full-surface bonding of touch sensor and display - is an important step for many companies in order to

  • reduce disturbing reflections
  • increase stability and robustness
  • and to protect the display from dust and moisture.

But there are even more advantages. We would be happy to show you the benefits of this technology using samples.

Decorative glasses

Decorative glasses -
the face of your application

How break- and scratch-resistant is glass?
How do you implement a customized design?
What design possibilities does glass offer to achieve a classy look?

Over the past 10 years, we at GLYN have assisted many of our customers in the design process. From an elegant look with e.g. hidden capacitive keys to vandal-proof glass, we can present you with the right solution.



What are the options for assembly?
How do you reduce the effort in production?
Which solutions do most customers in the industry rely on?

For many years now, we and our customers have been relying on various methods of bonding. In the process, companies repeatedly provide us with components that we marry with displays. This reduces the effort in the final assembly. We are happy to offer you a suitable solution with aluminum or sheet metal frames. Other services include seals, cable sets, and finishing processes such as anodizing or powder coating.

The right control

The right control

or many, the decisive question is: MCU or CPU?
A separate or integrated control on the display?
Computer-on-Module, 3.5" Boards, Mini-ITX or Pico-ITX

One of our product highlights are Smart Embedded® Displays, which already have an Arm® Cortex®-M7 and several interfaces integrated (e.g. CAN, Ethernet, USB). The concept: An intelligent display that can do many tasks for you - graphic design included. For your product development, Smart Embedded® means time savings of several months.

You can find more information about Smart Embedded® Displays here.




We are also happy to advise you in the area of Computer-on-Modules (e.g. with i.MX8/9) and full-fledged Embedded PCs.

Here you can find an ePC overview

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