Secure connection between manufacturer and customer +++ GLYN SUPPORT paper +++ HMI front design

Secure connection between manufacturer and customer:
And the Award goes to...

How good that there are distributors.

From them you can get competent information about innovative electronic components. Commercial inquiries are answered immediately. Ordered goods arrive efficiently and on time thanks to intelligent processes.

SUPPORT-enthusiastic people work at GLYN. Our manufacturers appreciate this, our customers appreciate this. Sometimes this is especially rewarded by an award.

And you have also made a major contribution to this one.

The storage specialist EXASCEND Inc. gives GLYN the award of "Fastest Growing Partner 2022"!

Only in our delivery program since September 2021, we were able to successfully establish the manufacturer's products in the European market together with you as a customer in 2022. And all this within only one year!

A big thank you to you for your trust in EXASCEND products!

Read on right here to find out how we reward...

GLYN SUPPORT paper explains:
Power Loss Signals protect Xmore® M.2 SSDs against Power Fail

Power failure - an M.2 SSD has to be able to cope with that.

The "data in flow" has to land safely in the flash memory.
But the integrity of the SSD mapping table must also be preserved so that the SSD is recognized after a system restart and can be used again.

This is why there is a requirement for effective hardware pFail protection, especially for embedded and enterprise applications.


HMI front design:
How to integrate a display into your application

Your task:
To integrate a display into a housing.
It should be robust and look modern at the same time.
That's where GLYN comes in.

With decades of experience, we can support you in your next project.
In this article, you will learn which topics need to be considered in HMI design.

Step by step, we will go through the important topics of an HMI front design with you. Read this article to find out what's involved.


LAIRD Connectivity acquires Boundary Devices:
Display + Touchscreen-Integrationsservice for all Boundary Devices Boards

LAIRD Connectivity is expanding its portfolio of System-on-Modules (SOM) and Single-Board Computers (SBC) following the acquisition of Boundary. By combining LAIRD's wireless portfolio with Boundary Devices' embedded computing solutions, developers can quickly and easily implement innovative wireless solutions in their applications.

LAIRD Connectivity and Boundary Devices are both gold partners of NXP. The combination results in greater integration of NXP processors and wireless modules into customer applications.


Long-term available LPDDR4:
3,733 Mb/s even at -40 °C to 125 °C

This is an interesting total package for you:
An LPDDR4 memory for highest industrial or automotive quality including best possible long-term availability.

With the ISSI LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X low-voltage memory devices, you can implement applications with capacities of 2 Gb, 4 Gb and 8 Gb in an energy-efficient manner. The low operating voltage and I/O power requirements of these devices make them ideal for mobile applications where you need long-term availability.



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