Offspring for the family concept +++ Design-In DRAM modules +++ Single Pair Ethernet connector series

A happy family concept has an offspring...

A happy family concept

Staying flexible yet reliable with the prospect of a bright future.
That sounds like a good concept for a happy family, doesn't it?

That's why we have extended the proven TFT family concept for you and your wishes.
It has got 50-pin interface offspring in the 4 display sizes 3.5", 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0". This has a particularly favorable effect on the EMC behavior.

Thanks to the uniform pin assignment, you can change the display sizes among each other and simply keep your control-side connector and connection concept.

All this is possible with a minimum order quantity of only 1 unit.

All required components are already installed on the FPC cable. This eliminates the need for a backplane and the new family members impress with their very flat design.

Furthermore, you can take full advantage of the integrated IPS technology. Thus, the modules allow a position-independent use in your application.

Product range

diagonal Designation PCAP inkl. C/L PCAP Controller
3.5‘‘ ET035023UDBA    
3.5‘‘ ETML035023UDRA x ILI2130
3.5‘‘ ETML035023MDRA x MXT336UD
4.3‘‘ ET043023UDBA    
4.3‘‘ ETML043023UDRA x ILI2130
4.3‘‘ ETML043023MDRA x MXT336UD
5.0‘‘ ET050023UDBA    
5.0‘‘ ETML050023UDRA x ILI2130
5.0‘‘ ETML050023MDRA x MXT336UD
7.0‘‘ ET070023UDBA    
7.0‘‘ ETML070023UDRA x ILI2130
7.0‘‘ ETML070023MDRA x MXT64UD

Only two operating voltages are required:

  • 3.3 V for LCD and PCAP
  • 5 to 15 V for the backlight driver circuitry

For high immunity to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the new display family is equipped with either an ILITEK (ILI2130) or a MICROCHIP touch controller (mXT336UD/mXT640UD). Shielding of the LCD flex connector also increases noise immunity against fast transients and ESD.

Easy to integrate into the application housing
All variants with PCAP Touch are equipped with a 2 mm thick decorative glass panel. This decorative pane significantly simplifies mechanical integration in the housing.

Of course, it is possible to customize individual components of the display family with a corresponding purchase quantity.

*MOQ 1 for article numbers with a "U" = with Ilitek touch controller

11 Advantages and features of the new display family:

  • Same pinout for all 4 different sizes - Now 50 pin for even more peripherals and ground points
  • Electrically compatible with each other, only the timing values have to be adjusted
  • 24-bit RGB color depth for finest and most sophisticated graphics and color shading
  • Only two voltages required (3.3 V for LCD & PCAP, 5 to 15 V for BL driver)
  • Backlight 50,000 h LED lifetime, typ. 1000 cd/m² without PCAP, typ. 850 cd/m² with PCAP
  • Interface LCD: TTL-RGB -> customer specific also LVDS possible, PCAP: I²C
  • Customization of individual components possible
  • Ideal for position-independent use due to IPS technology
  • PCAP touch variants are equipped with a 2 mm thick, black printed decorative panel
  • Operating temperature range from -30 to 80 °C or 85 °C suitable for extreme environments
  • High EMC interference immunity of the PCAP due to the touch controller used
  • Touch controller drivers for Linux already included in the mainline kernel, both for the ILITEK and the MICROCHIP touch controller
GLYN family concept: All features at a glance

GLYN starter kit for a quick start

... available from Q3/2023.

The starter kit consists of one of the four displays plus a control board with Renesas soldering module (QSRZ) from KaRo.

A touch demo application runs on this starter kit, allowing you to test the touch function and display an image slideshow with your own images from a USB stick. Of course you can also program your own applications.

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of the TFT family concept?
Let our specialists advise you and start with our starter kit.

GLYN Starter Kit

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