Offspring for the family concept +++ Design-In DRAM modules +++ Single Pair Ethernet connector series

A happy family concept has an offspring...

Staying flexible yet reliable with the prospect of a bright future.
That sounds like a good concept for a happy family, doesn't it?

That's why we have extended the proven TFT family concept for you and your wishes.
It has got 50-pin interface offspring in the 4 display sizes 3.5", 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0". This has a particularly favorable effect on the EMC behavior.
Thanks to the uniform pin assignment, you can change the display sizes among each other and simply keep your control-side connector and connection concept.

All required components are already installed on the FPC cable. This eliminates the need for a backplane and the new family members feature a very flat design.

All this already with a minimum order quantity of only 1 piece.*

You can find more advantages and info about the fast development start here.

Powerful, Reliable and Uniform:
Design-In DRAM Modules from KINGSTON Technology

Always adapted to the evolution of technologies, software and boards, the RAM must always master all desired processes.

Excellent performance requires excellent product selection.

How do I select the right module and which parameters are crucial for smooth use in an application?

KINGSTON has been delivering memory quality products and solutions for over 30 years. Brand new: Now also design-in storage media developed specifically for your requirements.


Data transmission up to 20 Gbps:
Single Pair Ethernet Connector Series for Automotive

Driver assistance systems are already an integral part of our everyday lives.
They offer us comfort and safety. Inside the vehicle, one thing in particular takes place for this purpose: Data exchange.

The data rates that are sent and processed are enormous. The networking of the automobile in particular is one of the most important components of driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

The transmission of data must be secure and, above all, fast. Automotive Ethernet makes it possible to transmit these data volumes at high frequencies within the automobile.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
A display like a piece of paper - HOLITECH ePaper Displays

A display like a piece of paper:
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