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Only 5 µA current consumption:
Capacitive touch controller for battery operation

Capacitive touch controller for battery operation

Give your applications a modern "touch".
Replace mechanical buttons, e.g. in battery-powered devices, household and office appliances, charging stations or in vehicle operation.

With the new Touch Controllers from LUMISSIL you extend the functions of your MCU with up to 24 capacitive touch sensors. Quite simply via the I2C bus and with a current consumption of only 5 µA (sleep mode with wake-on-touch function).

The touch controllers offer state-of-the-art Sigma Delta Cap-Touch technology with Shield Drive Moisture Control. They are suitable for measuring liquid levels as well as for use as a proximity sensor.

Works well with gloves and surfaces with thick glass
The touch controllers have high sensitivity and low noise with 24-bit precision. This allows you to implement applications where users wear gloves or surfaces have thick glass or air gaps. In addition, the touch controllers have an automatic calibration function that compensates for temperature and humidity variations. This is possible over a temperature range of -40 °C to 105 °C.

They are available in three versions:

IS31SE5117 16-channel QFN-24
IS31SE5118 8-channel QFN-16 / TSSOP-16
IS31SE5120 24-channel QFN-32

circuit diagram  IS31SE5118


  • Low power consumption
  • Sleep mode with wake-on-touch
  • Best-in-class fluid tolerance
  • Auto calibration
  • I2C interface
  • Housing from 4x4 mm

Proximity sensor application

IS31SE5117 Evaluation Board and GUI

Advanced Technologies for Cap Sense Touch Controllers

Easy prototyping thanks to SUPPORT starter kit.
For easy prototyping, GLYN provides you with a software package containing a code and a calibration GUI. This allows you to conveniently program the FLASH of the controller.

Via a GPIO output you even configure the output of a melody or a sound output. For a quick start there are two evaluation boards, which also include the EZISP Programming Board.




IS3XCS8977 MCU Evaluation Board Application User Guide (1,4 MB)

Further technical information is available on request.

Ensure a quick start and ask for our starter kit SUPPORT.

IS3XCS8977 Evaluation Board

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