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Manufacturer, distributor or customer - Who do you think is to blame? Or is there a completely different root cause?

With nice regularity, we see allocations in the semiconductor industry. Some of them are more severe and more products worldwide are affected, some are somewhat milder. Sometimes they end up halfway acceptable, sometimes they leave immense damage in their wake.

Some of us have already experienced several and have therefore recognized a pattern. Each time, however, there are also new players in the market who are taken completely by surprise. Many therefore do not know why they actually occur.

Manufacturer, distributor or customer - who do you think is to blame?
Or is there a completely different underlying cause?

What that is and how you can get through allocations better in the future, we reveal to you in today's editorial.


Push-pull circular connector with up to 5,000 mating cycles! Y-Circ P for 10 Gbit/s single-pair Ethernet

High-speed push-pull circular connectors in metal design - Made in Germany.

This includes the high-speed versions of the Y-Circ P product group from YAMAICHI.

In addition to the standardized SPE versions, the manufacturer also offers customized solutions based on these push-pull connectors with a high number of mating cycles.

In its in-house laboratory, YAMAICHI develops, simulates and tests pin layouts for high-speed applications. The S1 pin layout enables the transmission of Single Pair Ethernet up to 10 Gbit/s according to IEC 802.3ch and of Automotive Ethernet signals according to the Open Alliance Standard TC9.


GLYN Talk - Topic of the month:
System-on-Module (SoM) from NXP Gold Partner

LAIRD CONNECTIVITY is expanding its portfolio of System-on-Modules (SoM) and Single Board Computers (SBC) following the acquisition of Boundary.

By combining LAIRD's wireless portfolio with Boundary Devices' embedded computing solutions, developers can quickly and easily implement innovative wireless solutions in their applications.

Both are gold partners of NXP. The combination leads to greater integration of NXP processors and wireless modules into customer applications.

In the GLYN talk WIR-014 you will get an insight into the SoM portfolio of LAIRD CONNECTIVITY and Boundary Devices. We will show you how to integrate an SoM easily and quickly for your needs.



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