ePaper displays new in the product range +++ EDT UI2 family concept Control displays with GLYN starter kit

Digital paper is only 1 mm thin:
ePaper Displays from HOLITECH new in our product range!

It looks and reads like "real" paper.
Ideal for all display applications in which content changes only rarely, but must be displayed permanently.

The ePaper Display from HOLITECH is now available in the GLYN product range!

The manufacturer offers a wide range of ePaper products and maintains a strategic partnership with E-Ink®. But the manufacturer HOLITECH can do much more in terms of "displays": Benefit from customized display solutions based on LCD or TFT with touch panel and individually designed front glass.

Learn more about our new distribution partner in part 1 of our 3-part HOLITECH series.


i.MX93 Starter Kit from Ka-Ro:
2 x Ethernet + LVDS for connecting larger displays

One of the first starter kits with the powerful i.MX93 on-board is the QS93-SV01 module from Ka-Ro.
A DF13 connector is available on the starter kit for connecting a display.
GLYN offers matching cables for this connector so that you can operate the displays from the extensive TFT family concept directly with the kit.


Power supply for the IoT in the smallest of spaces:
Ten times smaller possible thanks to CeraCharge!

Package ten times smaller than comparable supercaps:
At 4.4 x 3.0 x 1.1 mm, TDK offers its new CeraCharge memory technology.

This is based on a solid-state lithium-based oxide multilayer battery.

Due to its chemistry, it cannot leak or explode, so no UN number is required for transport. CeraCharge is safe even in a vacuum and thus offers a wide range of applications.


SD / SDHC / SDXC Card for industry:
Stably equipped for rough challenges!

KINGSTON's industrial SD cards offer superior endurance and reliability for industrial applications.

They are designed and tested to withstand the most demanding environmental factors. With an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C, the Industrial SD cards from can also be operated stably in extended temperature ranges.

Other areas of application include automation, telecommunications, data systems, building management and POS systems.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:

The selection of the right SSD is a process that should be designed exactly to the requirements profile of your application. Constant write performance, security solution, power loss protection, or other exclusive technologies.

Get the best out of your applications! For excellent performance and maximum capacity. Book your GLYN-Talk MEM-015 now.