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Almost like paper, only electronic! - Part 2 ePaper displays and their advantages

ePaper Displays from HOLITECH

Soberly considered, ePaper and real paper have many things in common.
They are thin and light, consume (almost) no power, and are perfectly readable even in the brightest sunlight.

Paper, however, is quickly perishable with the information it provides.
"Digitally read" information can be absorbed faster and also easily exchanged directly in the application.

That is why ePaper from HOLITECH is particularly suitable for the following applications and uses:

Smart metering, shelf labels, remote controls, smart home, (thermostats, clocks, thermometers, smart switches etc), loyalty cards, signs for meeting rooms, hospital rooms or patient beds, smart pillboxes, wearables, smart circulation packaging, timetables and much more.

HOLITECH ePaper displays offer many advantages over other display technologies:

like real paper

ePaper looks and reads like real paper

ePaper is purely reflective and looks like real paper. It is equally easy to read from all directions, even in bright sunlight.

No Problem

Lowest energy consumption

ePaper only requires energy when writing. After that, the image content remains virtually forever, completely without power supply.

Perfect EMC behavior

Perfect EMC behavior

Once the image content is written, the power supply can be switched off completely. Where no currents flow, there are also no fields!

Thin and light

Thin and light

ePapers are only about 1 mm thin, almost like normal paper. They require little installation space and weigh only a few grams. Perfect when space is at a premium!

Large product portfolio

Large product portfolio

HOLITECH ePaper is available in sizes from 1.3" to 42".

Several color combinations possible

Several color combinations possible

HOLITECH ePaper Displays are available in B/W, B/W/R and B/W/R/Y and soon also multicolor.

ePaper are the perfect choice when low power consumption is important and the display content is rarely changed. Typical applications are all kinds of signs, smart home applications, wearables or measuring devices:

ePaper application - thermometer
ePaper loyalty cards

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