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For CCS charging systems and industrial networking:
Green PHY transceivers now also enable smaller series production

Green PHY Transceiver from LUMISSIL

Two chips for charging pole and vehicle enable CCS charging solutions even for smaller series.

With its new IS31CG5317 single-chip series of Green PHY transceivers, manufacturer LUMISSIL offers a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C.
For these, SUPPORT is also offered for smaller quantities.
They are available in two versions:

For the charging station: IS31CG5317-LQLS3: Industrial Grade
For the car: IS32CG5317-LQLA2: Automotive Grade 2

Since the series is "HomePlug AV ready" for up to 10-Mbit, it can also be used for industrial networking. There are plans to make the series updateable up to 100-Mbit.

Technical features:

  • HomePlug Green PHY compatible
  • suitable for HomePlug AV and IEEE 1901
  • low power consumption
  • Ethernet PHY interface MII / RMII
  • SPI interface
  • small LQFP-80 package

Quick and easy entry via starter kit
The manufacturer provides the IS32CG5317 Evaluation Kit (EVK) for an easy start.
This consists of the HDK (Hardware Development Kit, only documents), the SDK (Software Development Kit, only software) and the two evaluation boards incl. power supplies, cables etc.. So you can comfortably build up a transmission line in a short time.

IS32CG5317 Evaluation Kit

The HDK consists of data sheet, design guidelines, schematic and BOM of the Evalboard.
The SDK consists of the device firmware, the LINUX Host Library, the Production Library and the software documentation.

For further technical information please send us a short email.
You will then receive a comprehensive information package from us.

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