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Extremely good at -30 to 80 °C! New 10.1" display with extended temperature range

TFT display with extended temperature range

TFT displays that have to love it extremely hot and extremely cold?

We have an ideal solution for your application.

The new 10.1'' display from the manufacturer SGD from the GLYN PCAP family is at home in extreme environments: hard-wearing and robust, insensitive to low and high temperatures thanks to its operating temperature from -30 to 80 °C.

Easy to integrate into the housing

In addition to the extended temperature range, the display in the "PCAP-Touch" variant offers a decorative glass panel including black edge printing. This allows the displays to be quickly and easily integrated into the housing of the application.

The 10.1'' from the GLYN PCAP family is available in 3 different versions:

  • With PCAP-Touch and black printed decorative glass.
  • With PCAP-Touch without decorative glass pane
  • Without PCAP-Touch

With the GLYN PCAP family, you can quickly achieve your HMI design.

As usual, the displays in the family are equipped with a circuit board on which all the necessary voltages are generated. This saves space in the design and simplifies control thanks to the matching cable set. Whether portrait or landscape - the display can be freely installed.

For good noise immunity

Furthermore, SGD uses the touch controller from ILITEK in the modules. This controller convinces with a good noise immunity and works excellently with glass decorative panels.

Thanks to the built-in IPS panel and the 900 cd/m² brightness, the display including the decorative glass panel with black edge printing is an eye-catcher: Brilliant colors, high contrast and wide reading angle of 80° from all directions.

Do you already know the matching 7.0'' displays in WSVGA and 7.0'' WVGA resolution with extended temperature range from our family?


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The most important specifications of the new GLYN display at a glance:




10,1“ (TFT: 149 x 229,80 x 8,50 mm)

(C/L: 177,30 x 258,66 x 1,1 mm)



Viewing angle

80 °,80 °,80 °,80 °


1280 x 800 Pixel (WXGA)

LED driver



LVDS 6/8 bits


900 cd/m²

LED lifetime

50.000 hours

Temperature in °C

Operating: -30 ~ 80

Storage: -30 ~ 80



Suitable control unit including cable set
For the TFT modules we offer you the suitable control including cable set. Ask for example for our Apollo-Lake Board GENE-APL7.

Let your creativity run free and put our new "PCAP specialists" among the displays to the test - order your first samples today.

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