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Energy-saving better quality:
The future of Bluetooth Audio is LE Audio

The future of Bluetooth Audio is LE Audio

Did you know that the basic Bluetooth transmission standards for audio were currently based on the 15-year-old "Bluetooth Classic" specification?

Minor improvements were made here again and again. Only these corrections were rarely helpful for the audio transmission of music and calls.

Now, finally, it's here: the Bluetooth Special InterestGroup (SIG) has announced the completion of the specification for LE Audio.

Better audio with significantly less power consumption

LE Audio is now another important feature built into Bluetooth Low Energy. Originally, the BLE standard was intended for simple low-power sensor applications that communicate in short data packets. At that time, audio was out of the question because of the need for high data throughput as well as very low latencies.

Now LE Audio closes this gap and makes Bluetooth Low Energy audio capable at the highest level. High audio quality with low power consumption is ensured by the LC3 codec. This means that small devices can now also be operated with significantly longer battery life.

Broadcast audio - a whole new use case:

An evolution in the LE Audio specification goes beyond one-to-one connectivity. Originally, a receiver such as a headset was directly linked to a transmitter the phone. As a new scheme, multiple participants will now be able to listen to an audio source. The methodology, known as Auracast™, thus creates many new application possibilities. One of these possibilities is that multiple listeners can now listen to a speaker simultaneously.

Extensibility for LE Audio Application Development:

For developers looking to create new wireless audio applications, the Bluetooth SIG now offers more options. This opens new avenues for all types of LE Audio applications. Contributing to this is the provision of a comprehensive and flexible architecture in LE Audio.

Bluetooth technology has matured over the years from a de facto standard for wireless audio to a complete ecosystem with endless ideas.

Get started quickly in the LE Audio world

LAIRD Connectivity's LE Audio Evaluation Kit makes it convenient to develop and test LE Audio applications. The new Evalkits consist of the BL5340 Bluetooth 5.2 development boards with a custom audio interface board and Packetcraft's comprehensive software solution for LE Audio. The BL5340 is the most advanced, secure and powerful dual-core wireless MCU on the market.

With the EK-B02-BL5340 kit, it is possible to test broadcast music, unicast music and dual microphone applications. Also the kit has a synchronized stereo or separate left/right receiver functionality.

The following use cases are conceivable:

  • Personal audio sharing
  • Location-based audio sharing
  • Headphones
  • Wireless speaker
  • Wireless microphone
  • Conference, music and games



Order your starter kit today to get started right away!

EK-B02-BL5340 i Kit from LAIRD Connectivity

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