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25% faster data transfer rate:
FUJITSU FeRAM transfers 54 MByte per second


With the introduction of the MB85RQ8MLX, FUJITSU Semiconductor Memory Solution now has three types with 8-Mbit memory capacity.

The new FeRAM achieves its fast data transfer rate of 54 MB per second at a maximum operating frequency of 108 MHz even in high-temperature environments of up to 105 °C. This is approximately 25% higher than comparable suppliers.

Areas of application
Thanks to its high operating speed and data retention even in the event of voltage loss, the MB85RQ8MLX is ideal for high-performance computing (HPC), data centers and industrial computers such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and RAID controllers.

The new FeRAM does not require a data backup battery.
For all applications that use an SRAM as a buffer, this can be saved when using an Fe-RAM, e.g. MB85RQ8MLX.


Overview of the 8 Mbit memory products from FUJITSU: 

  8-Mbit ReRAM 8-Mbit Parallel FRAM 8-Mbit Quad SPI FRAM (NEW PRODUCT)
Interface SPI Parallel SRAM compatible SPI,Dual SPI, Quad SPI
Feature Small size, Low power consumption Random access, High writing endurance Fast data transfer, High writing endurance
Suitable Usage Hearing aids, Wearable devices PLC, Industrial robots, Amusement equipment Industrial computing, HMI, Servers, Communication device
Replaceable Memory Flash Memory, EEPROM Asynchronous SRAM Flash Memory, Low Power SRAM

Samples of the new heat-resistant derivatives with up to 8-Mbit storage density are available on request - just contact us.

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