The display professionals in communication! +++ Wireless Product Finder +++ The future of Bluetooth Audio is LE Audio

The display professionals in communication! CAN, USB, Ethernet and even custom...

Up to now, displays could neither communicate via CAN, Ethernet or similar.
Neither among each other nor with a PC. Touch control with a remote HMI unit over longer distances? You had to implement that in a very complex way.

Now you can do it directly!
Use our new Smart Embedded® Display solution - we have taught it how to "communicate".

Do you want several displays to communicate directly with each other and display the same user interface?
Do you want touch inputs to be processed directly on the display so that you can mount the display several meters away from the controller?
What if the display simply took over the entire control of your application?
Read more about these 3 application examples on the following pages.
And best of all: GLYN has developed a complete starter package for this.
Including hardware and software. Get your first great results in just a few hours...

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Wireless Product-Finder:
Cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi selection made easy

For more than 20 years, we have been helping you integrate a suitable wireless solution for your applications.

From cellular technology 2G to 5G and LPWA, well-known standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, mesh networks as well as application-specific and proprietary solutions.


Energy-saving better quality:
The future of Bluetooth Audio is LE Audio

Did you know that the basic Bluetooth transmission standards for audio were currently based on the 15-year-old "Bluetooth Classic" specification?

Minor improvements were made here again and again. Only these corrections were rarely helpful for the audio transmission of music and calls.

Now, finally, it's here: the Bluetooth Special InterestGroup (SIG) has announced the completion of the specification for LE Audio.


Extremely good at -30 to 80 °C! New 10.1" display with extended temperature range

TFT displays that have to love it extremely hot and extremely cold?

We have an ideal solution for your application.

The new 10.1'' display from the manufacturer SGD from the GLYN PCAP family is at home in extreme environments: hard-wearing and robust, insensitive to low and high temperatures thanks to its operating temperature from -30 to 80 °C.

Easy to integrate into the housing


More performance with 3D NAND Flash:
New SATA and PCIe Design-In SSDs from KINGSTON

Faster, higher, further?
Once again, faster and more storage capacity.

That's what next-generation 3D NAND Flash offers. By switching to the latest 3D NAND Flash technology, KINGSTON is taking the performance of its SATA and PCIe Design In SSDs to a new level.


25% faster data transfer rate:
FUJITSU FeRAM transfers 54 MByte per second

With the introduction of the MB85RQ8MLX, FUJITSU Semiconductor Memory Solution now has three types with 8-Mbit memory capacity.

The new FeRAM achieves its fast data transfer rate of 54 MB per second at a maximum operating frequency of 108 MHz even in high-temperature environments of up to 105 °C. This is approximately 25% higher than comparable suppliers.


For CCS charging systems and industrial networking:
Green PHY transceivers now also enable smaller series production

Two chips for charging pole and vehicle enable CCS charging solutions even for smaller series.

With its new IS31CG5317 single-chip series of Green PHY transceivers, manufacturer LUMISSIL offers a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C.
For these, SUPPORT is also offered for smaller quantities.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Low-voltage MOSFETs - Really "cool" types with more power

New enclosures improve cooling and increase reliability

More power, less heat. These "guys" just stay "cool". TOSHIBA's U-MOS IX-H and X-H MOSFETs are highly efficient components for DC-DC converters, power supplies, chargers, BLDC motor controllers. They achieve excellent efficiencies. New packages improve cooling and increase reliability. The components are specified for applications up to 175 °C. Find out in our GLYN Talk which "cool" types you should go for.

Learn all about our sourcing service in our GLYN-Talk module POW-001.



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