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66% higher endurance in native 3D TLC SSDs:
New series bridges the SLC/MLC-TLC gap

SSD from ATP

ATP’s new 3D TLC SSDs get even better
The N650Si/N650Sc, N750Pi/A750Pi and A650Si/A650Sc-3D TLC SSD series utilize advanced controller and firmware technologies. With these, the lifetime requirement in demanding applications can be met and even exceeded.

3D TLC SSDs with significantly higher endurance
The new Premium Series SSDs with new generation NAND Flash offer 66% higher endurance in native TLC mode to match native MLC Flash endurance. The A750Pi and N750Si series SSDs offer 50% improved endurance in pSLC mode, matching that of SLC.

pSLC mode now also with PCIe G3x4!
With the N750Pi/N700Pi series of the Premium Product Line, ATP now also offers M.2 2280-D2-M PCIe SSDs in pSLC mode. From 40 GB to 640 GB the portfolio covers all common capacities. For industrial applications, SLC flash is usually used because of its reliability. These SSDs offer an excellent balance between SLC/MLC performance and TLC cost.

Best Total Cost of Ownership
Optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to superior performance, longevity and reliability. By storing only one bit per cell instead of three, TLC capacity is reduced, but overall lifetime is simultaneously increased to 10 times that of the same TLC products.

Different form factors and interfaces for a wide range of applications
With the new SSDs of the N650Si/N650Sc, N750Pi/A750Pi, A650Si/A650Sc series, the manufacturer offers derivatives in the M.2, 2.5" as well as mSATA form factors. The Sc series support the temperature range from 0 °C to 70 °C. The Si series are designed for reliable operation in extreme environments from -40 °C to 85 °C.

"ATP was able to surpass the outstanding results from last year," explains Benjamin Fasel, ATP Product Manager at GLYN. "For projects with corresponding requirements, there are also models with AES-256 encryption that support the Opal 2.0 security standard. A programmable MCU is also used in the new series. This has already proven itself in the SATA SSDs series A700Pi/A600Si. This allows optimal response to varying temperatures, distinguishing voltage drops from fluctuations, and limiting inrush current for better compatibility with host systems."

The following diagrams show the total write performance by capacity in the respective designs as an example with SATA interface:

ATP A750Pi Pseudo SLC
ATP A650Si/Sc 3D TLC Drives Yield

Chart 1: Comparison of other TLC SSDs and ATPs 750Pi drives. The durability / write performance is measured in sequentially written terabytes (TBW)

Diagram 2: Comparison of the ATP 650Si/Sc products with other TLC-based SSDs. The endurance / write performance is measured in sequentially written terabytes (TBW).

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