SSDs in turbo change! +++ TFT Family Concept - One connector, one voltage, one cable +++ New GLYN SUPPORT!Y-Video

SSDs in turbo change!

If you want to massively accelerate data transfer in your application, then there is no way around a PCIe® SSD.

But why do you now see "snails" of all things when we talk about a "turbo change" in SSDs?

It's about the interface in the case, because not all SSDs are the same. We can definitely talk about a "turbo change" when you switch from a SATA to a PCIe® interface.

This means for you in numbers: From 6 Gb/s to 8.00 GB/s, from single-lane highway to 8-lane fast lane.

How you and your application can benefit from this?
Read through this at your leisure in about 3 minutes...


One connector, one voltage, one cable - 22 displays:
TFT family concept 4.3 inch now with IPS panel

80° viewing angle in all directions.

From now on, you can also fully enjoy all the advantages of IPS technology in the TFT family concept as a 4.3'' version with PCAP touch.

Here is an overview of the 8 most important features:


GLYN-SUPPORT!Y-Video - Part 3:
Customized Display - Why Does It Take So Long?

Simply more knowledge - Customized display.

"How is it done, Mr. Krause. With 150 different components: How does quality control work when goods arrive at the manufacturer? What measures are in place to ensure consistent quality in production?

Watch the third part of our SUPPORT!Y-Series here.


SDIO interface ensures smallest designs:
Wi-Fi 4 modules with WPA3 security standard

Sterling LWB+ is the name of the new Wi-Fi 4 radio module from LAIRD Connectivity.
It is based on the AIROC™ module CYW43439 from Infineon including Bluetooth 5.2 as a combo.

The secure, high-performance SDIO solution easily integrates with any Linux or Android-based system. The Sterling LWB+ supports the latest WPA3 security standards.


66% higher endurance in native 3D TLC SSDs:
New series bridges the SLC/MLC-TLC gap

ATP’s new 3D TLC SSDs get even better

The N650Si/N650Sc, N750Pi/A750Pi and A650Si/A650Sc-3D TLC SSD series utilize advanced controller and firmware technologies. With these, the lifetime requirement in demanding applications can be met and even exceeded.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Reliably on the move in the sub-GHz IoT world

Stable and power-saving radio in the sub-GHz frequency range.

Modern applications require stable and cost-optimized wireless technology. The new xG23 derivatives from SILICON LABS' Wireless Gecko Series 2 offer you low power and sub-GHz radio technology on a small optimized footprint and at a small price. Learn more in our GLYN-Talk WIR-009.



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