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Yes, there is still such a thing...
Xmore® microSD card series with MLC Flash and excellent availability!

 Xmore® microSD Card series with MLC Flash

Yes, there is still such a thing...
...and with only 6 - 8 weeks delivery time!

Honestly, this news would have surprised no one just two years ago.

But in the current times it is definitely something special.

The portfolio of Xmore® is now extended by a new series of microSD cards with the focus:

  • Small capacities
  • Based on 1xnm MLC Flash
  • Standard delivery times of approx. 6 - 8 weeks

The new solution on multiple customer request
Many of our customers are plagued by the allocation and therefore frequent discontinuations on the market. Often, for reasons of availability, small capacities that have been tried and tested for years have to be given up - it is not uncommon that instead of a 4 GB memory card, a much too large 64 GB card with 3D TLC Flash "has" to be used. And this, although one would have liked to stay with the usual capacity.

MLC Flash for embedded applications
The special feature of the new Xmore solution is the MLC Flash used for the popular small capacities of 4 GB and 8 GB. The components used are currently very readily available, which explains the good delivery time.

You can see the key data of the new Xmore® microSD card series clearly summarized here. Of course, the use in an SD Card Adapter is also possible!


up to 90 MB/s

High durability

2,5 DWPD (3y)

High reliability

> 3.000.00h MTBF

Small capacities for embedded

4 GB & 8 GB both MLC and 4 GB in pseudo SLC mode

Speed class

UHS-I, V10, C10

* the specified value corresponds to the reading speed

Don't wait any longer and secure your accustomed memory sizes for the long term with Xmore® now!

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