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Smallest form factor with AMD RYZEN™ V2000:
PICO-ITX ePC Power Dwarf PICO-V2K4

PICO-V2K4 Embedded PC from AAEON

Graphics in 4K for optimal medical imaging:

That's what AAEON's PICO-V2K4 embedded PC supports. This is the latest expansion stage of the manufacturer's small PICO-ITX motherboards. It is powered by the fast AMD RYZEN™ V2000 embedded processor family with powerful AMD Radeon™ graphics in 7 nm processing technology.

The processor family fits comfortably on the mainboard with a size of just 100 x 72 mm. At the same time, the PICO-V2K4 offers rich expansion options with excellent power balance. The combination of high processor & graphics performance provide ideal conditions for edge applications such as medical imaging, industrial automation and embedded games.

The PICO-V2K4 offers a fast NVMe M.2 2280 M-Key slot for extra fast application execution. In addition, the motherboard can be optionally equipped with up to 32 GB OnBoard LPDDR4x memory (3733 MHz). 


Graphics in 4K for enhanced medical imaging

2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 4 display ports and integrated TPM make the PICO-V2K4's features perfect for medical imaging applications.

In the area of edge AI inference functions, the PICO-V2K4's chipset with AMD Radeon graphics chip and its 7 compute units once again plays to its strengths and is ideally suited for use in diagnostic imaging, such as object recognition for X-ray and MRI scans. Its superior computing power enhances remote medical diagnostic applications and enables safe and efficient treatment.


High-performance computing to increase efficiency

The PICO-V2K4 offers unprecedented performance potential by using AMD RYZEN V2718 or V2516 processors with up to 8 cores, and clock speeds of up to 4.15 GHz, with a TDP in the 10 to 25 W range. Besides 4 serial ports (RS232/422/485), the PICO-V2K4 comes optionally with up to 32 GB RAM & up to 64 GB NVMe SSD OnBoard. In addition, there is an M.2 2280 M-Key slot.


AMD Radeon Graphics for demanding display

When it comes to embedded graphics, the PICO-V2K4 also scores with its Radeon graphics performance and waits with amazing performance (frame rates & clock speed) for up to 4 simultaneously operated 4K displays. The OnBoard NVMe memory with up to 64 GB and the M.2 2280 M-Key expansion slot provide even higher processing speed.

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