From big to small - The new TFT family concept +++ PICO-ITX ePC Power Dwarf PICO-V2K4 +++ Available Xmore® microSD cards

From big to small - The new TFT family concept

The new TFT-family concept

The industry's requirements for TFT displays are becoming more and more demanding. The viewing angle, for example, is becoming more and more important when selecting the right display. Contrast and brightness are increasingly among the important decision criteria. Also, an operating temperature of -20 to 70 °C is no longer sufficient in many application areas.

Reason enough for us to further expand the GLYN TFT family concept.

The new family concept includes a wide product range of currently four sizes 3.5'', 4.3'', 5.0'' and 7.0''.

Thanks to the extended temperature range from -30 to 80 °C, the displays can also be used in temperature-extreme environments. The wide viewing angle is achieved by using IPS panels. Additionally, the displays impress with a brightness of 1,000 cd/m² as well as an LED lifetime of 50,000 hours with the help of built-in high-performance LEDs. If the brightness of 1,000 cd/m² is not needed, the lifetime of the backlight can be increased by simply dimming the LEDs.

Like all displays from the GLYN TFT family concept, the new types are equipped with a uniform interface. The 50-pin interface with a uniform pin assignment provides sufficient ground lines to connect the display to your application with low impedance.

Due to the modified design of the FPC the PCB on the back is omitted. This simplifies the mechanical mounting of the display in the device. All required voltages as well as the backlight driver are integrated on the FPC. The excellent shielding is created by the additional metal plate on the back of the FPC. This also has a positive effect on the EMC behavior of the display.

The displays are optionally available with or without PCAP touch. The special feature of the touch display is the 2 mm thick cover glass including black printing. This allows the displays to be quickly and easily integrated into the housing of your application.

The most important features at a glance: 

Diagonal: 3.5‘‘, 4.3‘‘, 5.0‘‘, 7.0‘‘
Interface: TTL-RGB
Brightness: 1.000 cd/m² typ. (without PCAP touch)
Temperature range: -30 to 80 °C
LED lifetime: 50,000 hours (min.)


Further displays from the GLYN TFT family concept can be found here.

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