From big to small - The new TFT family concept +++ PICO-ITX ePC Power Dwarf PICO-V2K4 +++ Available Xmore® microSD cards

From big to small - The new TFT family concept

The industry's requirements for TFT displays are becoming more and more demanding. The viewing angle, for example, is becoming more and more important when selecting the right display. Contrast and brightness are increasingly among the important decision criteria. Also, an operating temperature of -20 to 70 °C is no longer sufficient in many application areas.

Reason enough for us to further expand the GLYN TFT family concept.

The new family concept includes a wide product range of currently four sizes 3.5'', 4.3'', 5.0'' and 7.0''.


Smallest form factor with AMD RYZEN™ V2000:
PICO-ITX ePC Power Dwarf PICO-V2K4

Graphics in 4K for optimal medical imaging:

That's what AAEON's PICO-V2K4 embedded PC supports. This is the latest expansion stage of the manufacturer's small PICO-ITX motherboards. It is powered by the fast AMD RYZEN™ V2000 embedded processor family with powerful AMD Radeon™ graphics in 7 nm processing technology.


Yes, there is still such a thing... Xmore® microSD card series with MLC Flash and excellent availability!

Yes, there is still such a thing...
...and with only 6 - 8 weeks delivery time!

Honestly, this news would have surprised no one just two years ago.

But in the current times it is definitely something special.

The portfolio of Xmore® is now extended by a new series of microSD cards with the focus:

  • Small capacities
  • Based on 1xnm MLC Flash
  • Standard delivery times of approx. 6 - 8 weeks


For solid power management in your application:
Synchronous DC/DC buck converter for 12 to 36 V industrial voltage

It is robust, reliable, efficient, inexpensive and universally applicable.

With these characteristics, the SGM61412A from SG MICRO promotes itself as a step-down converter for your developments in the field of power infrastructure.

With the synchronous DC/DC buck converter, you can build 4 advantages into your applications.


Small, but IoT-oho! 5 x 5 mm 32-bit MCU with powerful analog front-end

The "Tiny" Gecko - ideal for sensor tasks and including LCD controller on board. Powerful, highly efficient and low-cost on only 5 x 5 mm.

SILICON LABS expands its EFM32 family with the PG23. This 32-bit MCU features a powerful analog front-end with up to 20-bit. The integrated LESENSE unit with 16 channels (max.) is ideal for sensor tasks.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Low-voltage MOSFETs - Really "cool" types with more power

New enclosures improve cooling and increase reliability

More power, less heat. These "guys" just stay "cool". TOSHIBA's U-MOS IX-H and X-H MOSFETs are highly efficient components for DC-DC converters, power supplies, chargers, BLDC motor controllers. They achieve excellent efficiencies. New packages improve cooling and increase reliability. The components are specified for applications up to 175 °C. Find out in our GLYN Talk which "cool" types you should go for.

Learn all about our sourcing service in our GLYN-Talk module POW-001.



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