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Precise in smallest battery-powered devices:
Biomedical RTC needs only 45 nA


For best time accuracy in devices used in medical applications.
The Real Time Clock RV-5028-C7 from MICRO CRYSTAL offers medical approval according to Class III and AIMD (implants). The RTC is based on the proven RV-3028-C7 module, but also has a hermetically sealed ceramic cover against helium fillings.

The RV-5028-C7 has extremely high timing accuracy at constant temperature. At the same time, it offers an extremely low current consumption of only 45 nA. This ultra-compact high-performance RTC sets new standards in miniaturization. It requires only half the space of a uSOP-8 package.

World's lowest current consumption at 45 nA with timing accuracy calibrated to +/-1 ppm (25°C)
The RV-5028-C7 RTC is ideal for applications that require extremely long battery life, or where there is no space for large batteries.

The built-in energy management function allows a wide voltage range of 1.1 - 5.5 V as well as the connection of a small capacitor, rechargeable battery or button cell for buffering. Besides all standard RTC functions, the device contains several extra functions, such as EEPROM memory, the matching data protection by a password or the UNIX timers, which can hold the UNIX time or are useful for other things, such as the operating time of the device to the second.

In addition, 6 CLKOUT frequencies from 1 Hz - 32768 Hz are programmable, so that the RTC will output the desired frequency immediately at the next start. There is also an EEPROM register where the frequency drift due to aging of the internal crystal can be corrected.

The device is controlled via I2C.

 RV-5028-C7 construction
Biomedical Features

Biomedical Features

  • Safe helium environment: ceramic lid with gold-tin preform seal
  • Proprietary manufacturing and testing procedures
  • Long-term stability
  • Custom testing/screening available upon request
  • Small size, low profile, light weight (12.9 mg)

Technical Specialties:

  • High precision time: 25°C : +/- 1 ppm
  • Extended battery life: 45 nA at 3 V and 25°C in battery backup mode
  • Smart Power Management: automatic switching to backup capacitor / battery / button cell
  • Tamper detection and fraud protection: External interrupt with time stamp combined with password
  • Ultra-compact housing: 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm ceramic housing with reliable vacuum seal

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