Fanless reliable ePC BOXER from AAEON +++ Computer-on-Modules from Ka-Ro! +++ Here FUNKS a true LAIRDmeister

Fanless reliability even at -40 to 70°C:
ePC BOXER-6641 and BOXER-6641-PRO from AAEON

They are neither deterred by "extremely hot" nor by "mercilessly cold".
The BOXED PCs BOXER-6641 & BOXER-6641-PRO from AAEON offer highest performance based on the 8th / 9th generation Intel® Core™ & Xeon® processors.
And this in a robust, fanless design!

Innovative thermal design makes it possible
The BOXER-6641 operates in temperature ranges from -20°C to 55°C (CPU TDP <35W) or from -20°C to 45°C (CPU TDP >35 W), depending on the processor used. In the case of the BOXER-6641-PRO, even an extended temperature range of -40°C to 70°C (CPU TDP 35 W) is achieved, in each case at 0.5 m/s airflow.


For new and redesigns in allocation times:
Computer-on-Modules from Ka-Ro!

You are probably familiar with these or similar challenges:
Finding the right computer-on-module for new and redesigns in allocation times is difficult.

Due to rising prices and delivery times, there is currently a lack of alternatives.

The German manufacturer Ka-Ro has developed a module concept that offers available alternatives from SO-DIMM to solder modules.


Here FUNKS a true LAIRDmeister! Powerful System-on-Module with worldwide certification

Really "funky" this module:

i.MX 8M Plus with Dual-Band 2x2 Wi-Fi 5 + Bluetooth 5.3 SoM + Summit™ Stack.

Integrating devices into a Wi-Fi/WLAN environment is very demanding, complex and ties up development capacity. LAIRD Connectivity's HW/SW Bundle solves these challenges in all application areas - quickly, securely and robustly.

Reliable communication with worldwide certification, that was the focus for the manufacturer's development engineers. And the result is functionality!


Precise in smallest battery-powered devices:
Biomedical RTC needs only 45 nA

For best time accuracy in devices used in medical applications.
The Real Time Clock RV-5028-C7 from MICRO CRYSTAL offers medical approval according to Class III and AIMD (implants). The RTC is based on the proven RV-3028-C7 module, but also has a hermetically sealed ceramic cover against helium fillings.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the Month:
Secure Supply Chain for Development and Production

You want to become independent of long and fluctuating replenishment times in semiconductor electronics?

You also want to gain additional supply security?

GLYN is the red link in your supply chain.

In GLYN-Talk OTH-002, we show you our tools to achieve just that for you. From this, we will create a solution tailored to your needs. You'll also learn why you'll even save time and money in the process.



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