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Voltage Regulator Lineup 2022

GLYN-Talk: Voltage Regulator Lineup 2022

ABLIC controls your voltage - compact and efficient with linear LDOs:

a) in ultra small package HSNT-4 (0808, AOI compatible)

b) with extremely low quiescent current of typ. 2 nA (S-1318xxx)

c) products qualified for automotive use.

In combination with the low-current and ultra-small voltage detectors and analog battery protection ICs, you can develop very compact battery applications with high safety standards. And with battery runtimes that have hardly been achieved so far. How? Find out in our GLYN-Talk AIC-001.

GLYN-Talk - This is direct know-how transfer from specialists to you via the MS Teams platform. With lots of advantages for you:

  • You determine the "GLYN-Talk" topics.
    According to your wishes from the present module programme, approx. 20 minutes per presentation.
  • You choose the time and the participants
    Freely according to your schedule.
    Colleagues from your company can be integrated quickly.
  • Almost like being present
    Live specialists from GLYN / manufacturer: all your questions are dealt with individually and immediately.
  • As MS Teams solution
    A familiar platform. Fast, individual, combinable, simple, free.

And this is how you book our digital SUPPORT:
Choose from over 30 current GLYN-Talk offers here.

Our GLYN-Academy team will coordinate everything else with you and the specialists.

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