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From black to colorful - From passive to active:
How easy it is to switch from monochrome to TFT

active TFT color display with IPS technology

Display spring for your application.
Beautiful colors instead of dull black and white.

It's time to replace your 128 x 64 passive monochrome graphic display with an active TFT color display with IPS technology.

We have the solution and show you how.
Simple and convenient.
Our small TFT color displays are in fact derived from the widely used black/white graphic displays. Here you can take full advantage of the integrated IPS technology. Because such a module can be viewed from every viewing angle without loss of contrast or color shift. Your application thus receives a valuable upgrade.

Available in 2.0" / 2.4" / 2.8" screen sizes
With its 2.0", the ET020013DMA is a tiny device at first glance, but impresses with its fine resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. With 550 cd/m², excellent pictures can be displayed. The IPS technology ensures an excellent picture from every viewing angle.

Further advantages and upgrades are:

  • Single supply voltage (max. 3.3 V) for the LCD on the 2.0" and on the 2.8".
  • Viewing angle 80°, therefore readable from all angles
  • Three different interfaces SPI, MCU and TTL-RGB for control
  • With the TTL-RGB interface fast image changes and video transmission can be realized
  • Slim dimensions for space-saving installation in the housing of the application
    • for example: 2.0" with 38.18 x 53.32 x 2.9 mm
  • 262,000 colors (each subpixel 24 gray levels) for brilliant image
  • Display can be used in portrait or landscape mode
  • Max. Op. temp. -20 °C to 70 °C
  • C-code for initialization of display controller ST7789V2 available
  • Demo unit with adapter board (circuit diagram) incl. suitable connector available (see figure 1)
  • Further technical details in the respective application notes for 2.0", 2.4" and 2.8".

As mentioned above, these displays require initialization. This requires a small block of C-code, which has to be transferred after switching on the power supply and the subsequent RESET, either via MCU (if Interface MCU is selected), or via SPI (if Interface SPI or TTL-RGB is selected).

Figure 1: Demo unit with adapter board (circuit diagram) incl. matching connector for quick start-up

Overview of technical data: 

Part number ET020013DMA*K1, ET024013DMA*K1, ET028013DMA*K1
Interface MCU, SPI, SPI+TTL(RGB)
Outer dimension 2.0‘‘: 38,18 x 53,32 x 2,9 mm
2.4‘‘: 42,72 x 60,26 x 2,28 mm
2.8‘‘: 50 x 69,2 x 2,9 mm
Brightness 500 - 600 cd/m² typ.
LED-Lifetime Min. 30 Khrs
Viewing angle 80 / 80 / 80 / 80
Supply voltage max. 3,3V LCD and max. 3,3V LED at 2.0“ and 2.8“
max. 3,3V LCD and ILED = 32mA at 2.4“
Temperature range -20 to 70 °C Op. Temp.
-30 to 80 °C St. Temp.


Further information is available upon request.

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